Apricot grafting

Asked December 23, 2018, 8:56 PM EST

I'm looking to purchase a small number of Manchurian apricot seedling or maybe small trees that I can use as rootstock for grafting. I've made an extensive search on the internet and checked every possible source. None to purchase that I can find - that's nation-wide. Do you know of a source? Last resort may be to try grafting on wild pin cherry trees growing on my site. Any thoughts on the possible success? Thank you. Terry Schaedig

Chippewa County Michigan

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One possibility is to buy peach trees and bud onto them. Peach and apricot are mostly compatible...not quite as long lived as manchurian apricot.

My guess is that the wild pin cherry will be less compatible than peach.

Another approach would be to buy manchurian seed, grow your own seedlings, then bud onto them late summerr. http://www.treeseeds.com/manchurian-apricot-tree-seeds. I have not tried this seed source, so don't know how many will germinate. You will need to stratify the seed similar to how it is done for peach seed (search on web..many sites give the procedure.