Norway Spruce

Asked December 22, 2018, 8:05 PM EST

I have land in DesLacs, ND. I am planning on planting a couple hundred Evergreens in the spring. I like balsoms and Norway Spruce, will either of these evergreens thrive well in this region of the state?

Ward County North Dakota

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Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, balsam fir is unlikely to do well in that area of the state, especially if planted in an unprotected area. It might have a chance if planted in a protected site with a little bit of moisture. Otherwise, I would definitely steer clear of the balsam fir.

Regarding the Norway spruce, the news is only a little better. Again, it likely won't do well in an unprotected site, and has a better chance than the balsam fir in unprotected areas. I've seen several Norway spruce as far north as Grand Forks, ND, so they should be able to handle the cold temperatures. However, they'll still need some wind protection and a bit more moisture than is normally found in western ND.

Might I suggest the Rocky Mountain variety of Douglas-fir? It seems to be adapted to ND, and I've seen it as far north as Williston and in the Bottineau area.

Best wishes with your project.