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Asked December 20, 2018, 5:49 PM EST

Would you please comment or recommend an oven for home baking. We have a brand new GE Profile oven and it is terrible for baking. For years we had an LG that was wonderful, however, they all seem to be converting to the convection process, which to my knowledge is not for baking.

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In making any purchase especially for an expensive item we all have questions.

There are benefits of using a convection oven at high elevations for both cooking and baking. Foods cook approximately 25-30% more quickly than in conventional ovens, so lose less moisture (often a problem at altitude)and retain more nutrients. Because the heating element is in the back of the oven (not below) and hot air circulates around the food as it bakes, foods will cook more uniformly and be less likely to burn on the bottom. With convection ovens, either oven temperature or baking times are normally decreased by 25°F, however at altitudes over 5,000 feet, no adjustments may be needed to your recipes. One last tip, keep in mind the type of item you are cooking for whether to use the conventional or convection setting. Items like casseroles with lids or high-sided cooking pans that block the heat from circulating around the food during cooking do better with conventional mode, while for open cookware like cookie sheets or shallow pans, convection works great. Hope this helps.

To help you with your decision I would recommend that you look to Consumer Reports and see what they looked at in comparison of oven models. The list of what they looked at to determine their ratings can be helpful to you the consumer as far as what to ask when you are purchasing the oven. Convection has it's pros and cons for sure, and it has improved over the years which can be a plus if that is something that you need in your use of an oven.

Consumer Reports is the best place for you to go to in order to get information to help you in your decision.