My clivia leaves are turning yellow

Asked December 20, 2018, 5:23 AM EST

Greetings. I have 2 clivia plants and their bottom leave are turning yellow. What is the cause? And what can I do? thanks for your help.

Baltimore County Maryland

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It is normal for the oldest bottom leaves of a Clivia plant to turn yellow and eventually dry up. This is a normal part of the aging process of the plant. It is more of a concern if you see that the newer (middle and top) leaves are turning yellow as well. This can be an indicator of overwatering or bacterial soft rot. Prune out the bottom yellowing leaves and be careful not to overwater. During their dormant period in the winter, Clivias may only need watering every three to four weeks. They should be kept in a well-draining pot. Do not water right at the middle stem. (Don't allow water to sit for a long period of time where the leaves meet the stem.) Water near the edge of the pot.

Clivias can benefit from an annual top-dressing of fresh potting medium. Carefully remove 1-2 inches of the old potting medium and replace it with fresh mixture. This is best done in late winter before flower stalks develop. This will provide fresh nutrients to the plant. Clivias are happiest when they are crowded in their pot. You only need to transplant them when you see roots fill the pot (which could be every three years or so).