Shrub ID help

Asked December 18, 2018, 6:18 PM EST

Can you help me identify 2 different berry-producing shrubs growing in my yard? The first picture is of the one that produced red berries some months back--it might even qualify as a tree. Looks like a large shrub or small tree. The second two photos are of a low-growing shrub that produced dark berries (some of which are still attached as of mid-December). Part of what I'm wondering about is whether the berries of either of these plants are edible, for humans and/or wildlife. And also are these plants native to Oregon? If you need better photos, I'll see what i can do. Thanks so much!

Polk County Oregon trees and shrubs plant identification

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Eating berries from plants you don’t have identified is never recommended, and we further advise against using photos on a service like ours as a positive identification. Take a branch to local experts before eating. The tree with the red fruit is one of the hawthorns; scientific name is Crataegus. The OSU Landscape Plants page includes links to specific types. The English hawthorn is found growing throughout western Oregon (Crataegus laevigata), in addition to the native hawthorn and many ornamentals. The shrub with the dark berries looks like one of the sweet box, Sarcococca. Flowers will help confirm this identification. Here is a link for the OSU Landscape Plants page.