small flies

Asked December 17, 2018, 7:41 PM EST

I have had an infestation of tiny flies in my house for a couple weeks. A week ago I thought I had found the source when I found some "rotten" potatoes on the basement steps. They were thrown out, but the flies continue. They were trying to eat my supper tonight. Where do I turn?

Baltimore County Maryland

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The most likely culprit is fruit flies. There a several species, but all are similar and would be attracted to rotten fruits and possibly your dinner, depending upon the menu. Here is our webpage about them:

Read the linked publication at the bottom, too. It points out a few more possible places they could be breeding such as wet mops and sponges or recyclables. Do some more detective work and keep cleaning and throwing out possible sources. Be patient, as they could be at different stages in their life cycle and it has to play out.

Other small flies that can be pesky in the house are in the publication above, which includes fungus gnats and drain flies.

You are always welcome to send focused, close up photos for us to ID.