Is this apple tree chancre?

Asked December 17, 2018, 5:44 PM EST

Howdy from Veneta----I have a Gala apple tree, around 5 years old. It is a good producer and appears to be in good health, but as you know, requires lots of attention...spraying, etc. I had some apple scab problems with it for the last two years, which I gather is pretty common with Galas, but now seem to have that under control. Over the summer I noticed some kind of lesion or chancre in several places--three photos attached ((please let me know if they don't come through). I fear they may have been there longer and I just missed them. Can you identify what this is and tell me what to do about it? I thank you...

Lane County Oregon

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On newer apple trees, this is a condition called aerial burls or just burls. The new apple stock seems to grow these burls. I have seen the burls on MANY apple trees in Oregon.

The burl is where the tree WANTS to grow roots but the site is above the ground and turns into a burl.

OK-tks--so, not to worry, right?

Don't worry. The growth is natural and does not harm the trees.