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Asked December 17, 2018, 9:15 AM EST

Hello, I was talking with a landowner in Charles county about meadows and she is interested in burning it. We were wondering... What are the pros and cons to burning a meadow?

Charles County Maryland

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This booklet for Southern Ontario is one of our go-to references for meadow making, and is available online here:
Go to the section that starts at the bottom of page 26, Long-Term Maintenance.

Kinder Farm Park regularly burns their native meadow planting, and is the only group we know of in our area to do so. You might have some luck reaching out to them.

Andi Pupke of Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage installs and maintains meadows on the Eastern Shore, and they do prescribed burns for their clients.

Our meadow expert recommends hiring an experienced professional for help. One reason is because some invasive plants actually respond positively to burns, in other words they like it. So they’ll want someone to do an assessment of the weed control issues and how those weeds respond to this treatment.