300+ year old white oak

Asked December 14, 2018, 12:10 PM EST

Hello- I visited a lumber processing facility around Mankato yesterday. The owners showed me a white oak main trunk that was given to them.The owner mentioned that he counted over 300 rings in the tree. It was larger than 48" in diameter, though exact diameter I'm not sure. But 4' at least. Because of the oaks age, the owner went on to say that much like studying ancient ice to learn about the climate, that old growth trees may also yield some information by connecting a year absent of growth with a natural disaster, for example. I wanted to pass this on to the UofM, because I thought perhaps whatever UofM division that studies trees and wood may have an interest in taking a look at the trunk for educational purposes, and more! I know the trunk is so large that it can't be cut up because their cutting equipment cannot handle such a large diameter tree...so there it sits with all that history. it's a shame that it was cut down, but perhaps some good can become of it. Just imagine having a cross section, "cookie" if you will, on display at the UofM - I bet students/faculty in this field would really enjoy looking at it and discussing, tracing it's history, etc. I've never seen anything like it. I know that if a "cookie" we're cut of the tree, the people there have a technique to seal and dry out the cookie so that it stays in tact and doesn't crack. I'd be happy to contact whomever at the UofM to try to connect them with the wood processing small company and helping facilitate. Thanks- Chris Harrington Minneapolis 612-501-3458

Hennepin County Minnesota oak

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Please have the owner of the lumber yard contact the University Forestry Department if the owner is willing to donate a cross section of trunk. Thank you for thinking of the University. https://www.forestry.umn.edu Contact information is given on the website.