Emerald ash borer

Asked December 14, 2018, 9:38 AM EST

Is the state or county responsible for trees infested with eab? Is there a written action plan detailing removal, treatment, replacement, and who is responsible for each? Who are my contacts? Anne Arundel County homeowner.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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There is no state or county assistance for removal of ash trees. When the tree declines they become hazardous and ash trees become brittle when they die. Tree companies will not climb them for removal if dead for more than 6 months. Depending upon the situation a crane may be needed for removal. Trees should be removed by a reputable tree company with liability insurance.
Take a look at our website for detailed information and how to find a reputable tree
company. You may want to get several estimates.


1. Since these are county trees, why is cost passed to homeowner? They will either take the tree and not replant or replant with undesired spieces.
2. Almost every orher state provides financial assistance and has a plan for each area.
3. Who is the contact in cjarge of EAB management?

We misunderstood your question and assumed the tree was on your property.
If this is county property, then you will have to contact the County. Take a look at their page regarding tree trimming & removal including contact information.