Root structure

Asked December 11, 2018, 8:19 PM EST

Hi there! Happy holidays! Hey… We are involved in a new project (always a new project ☺️) and are wondering about the root structure of a very large old Red Western Cedar we have in our backyard. I haven’t been able to find a good sketch of Western Cedar root structures. Do you have access to one or two that you could forward to me or send me a link to? Thanks so much as always! Jennifer

Multnomah County Oregon forestry

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Hello Jennifer,
I don't have a sketch of western redcedar roots, however I can tell you a bit about their general morphology or structure based on the scientific literature. Most of the roots are concentrated within the upper 12 inches of soil, and they can extend out as far as 30 feet if there are no barriers to their growth or other tree root systems in the way. They do develop a taproot that will penetrate to perhaps 5 feet or more, if there is no underlying hardpan layer.
I hope this helps, Amy

Thank you for your help!