recently acquired poulets

Asked December 11, 2018, 4:01 PM EST

Hello, I bought 3 young chickens from Brazon Farms (middle TX) one was discovered flailing and unable to support her body to walk falling over. I helped her to the food and water and she did eat, I then quarantined her with access to food and water. Have you encountered this and what should I do, is it a disease? I am concerned re my other chickens and the 2 other new ones.
I have tried to get a response from Brazon Farms to no avail.

Fannin County Texas

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For diagnosing diseases with poultry, we recommend you contact your veterinarian. There are some small animal veterinarians within the Fannin County area that might be able to help you out. If you need a list of possible veterinarians please contact me at