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Asked December 11, 2018, 1:00 PM EST

Hello, I started a 3 gallon crock of sauerkraut about a month ago. I haven't really had to skim anything off of the surface, and I would clean the crock sides, lid and plate every other day or so. Last week we had a death in the family. My kraut was neglected for several days. When I opened it, there was a thin ring near the edge of blue mold. The kind that has 1/8" stems and little heads. The ring of mold may have been about an inch wide---most of the way around the crock. I quickly skimmed it all out and rewashed the sides, lid and plate. Is the sauerkraut safe to can? How do I know for sure? I would so appreciate any input--thank you! --Cherelynn Armantrout

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If the sauerkraut under the mold, that you took off, looks and tastes like it should it is probably fine. If the kraut doesn't smell right it needs to be thrown out.

You said your mold was blue and the general rule is if it mold is greenish or gray that mold is fine to skim off and if the kraut smells fine, continue fermenting. Black, pink or orange mold on kraut is not acceptable and the kraut should be tossed. So I am not quite sure about blue mold.

Mold isn't what you want but mold spores are everywhere and we can't eliminate them and since you were gone so many days any mold spores had time to grow. You did right by taking the mold and the top layer of the kraut off and cleaning the plate and etc. Now you will need to wait and see if it continues to look and smell as it should. If it does not throw it out.

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