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Asked December 10, 2018, 11:06 PM EST

The county government has an ordinance in place to control the building of docks on small tidal creeks. The county has an Official Small Tidal Creek map that delineates which creeks are considered small tidal creeks and therefore subject to regulation. About 8 years ago the zoning office unofficially determined a small tidal creek was any less than 300 ft wide and started requiring surveys of creeks to verify the creeks classification. I was denied a dock permit based on the survey method. My neighbor received a permit saying the creek was not identified on the map. Is there recourse for me to appeal the Boards decision.

Beaufort County South Carolina

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I spoke with a Natural Resources agent, this is what he said:
It will probably be a joint type permit through both SCDHEC, their office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management and also the US Army Corps of Engineers.