Asked December 8, 2018, 11:37 PM EST

I live in Tacoma, Washington and I've been alive for almost 50 years and never seen this before. Last night I was putting up Christmas lights and noticed a single green glowing spot in the pine tree in front of my house. I tried to see what it was during the day today and it was to high up in the tree for me to see even with binoculars. Well, tonight which is the next day from the first spotting I was in my back yard and looked up in the tree behind my house and noticed 7 of the green lights glowing in the pine tree behind my house too. I have tree climbing spikes, but the lights are about 75 feet up the trees and never climbed that high. It's funny because there's about fifty pine trees in my neighborhood and some that are really rotted, but these are the only two trees I can see them in. I did some research on the internet and read that it could be a fungus that grows on rotted wood but both trees are healthy. I will fly my drone up there in the next few days to check it out during daylight and at night to get to the bottom of the really strange glowing spots. Until then what do you think they could be or would you care to take a guess? Or maybe someone has seen them?

Pierce County Washington

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We are not really sure what is causing the green glow in your pine trees. There are some bioluminescent fungus but they are found in the PNW. They are usually also on decaying wood. If you do send your drone up and see some kind of fungus you can send it to us for future follow-up. Also you might want to keep an idea on the trees for any sign of future decay. Our direct email for the Pierce County Master Gardeners is pierce.mg@wsu.edu