growing walnuts - southwest Oregon

Asked December 7, 2018, 2:45 PM EST

Hi, We're farming/homesteading down in Powers. Our land is mostly flat, we have 1/4 mile of river frontage, and the soil, according to the USDA's Soil Survey Map, is "Eilertsen Silt Loam." We'd love to pimp out our land with nut trees, and are curious what the experts say about growing walnuts in this soil type, and in this region. Since this is a remote area, and in a unique micro-ecosystem, we've come to believe our weather is more akin to the Eugene area/southern Willamette Valley (we don't have coast weather, but we don't have such a hot/dry summer as Roseburg). To get a better idea of our realities, we got a weather station that reports to Would growing walnuts be productive, and if so, what varieties do you suggest? Thanks so much, Eleanor

Coos County Oregon

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Hi Eleanor,
You should be able to grow walnut trees fine where you're at. There are a few pest problems you might face (see, but pests seem to be part of our world now. Check out this publication ( it actually lists more nut trees that might fit your climate zone. Yes, you're right: I think your weather in the Powers area is definitely less coastal and more like the Valley, although, as you pointed out, there are differences.

As for varieties that might work, I'd suggest either black walnut or English walnut.