planting or hilling in red and yellow twig dogwood

Asked December 7, 2018, 12:40 PM EST

I have a very wet area that I bought some red and yellow twig dogwoods for. Unfortunately when I planted the holes they filled with water from all of this recent rain, soggy clay soil. So, my husband just put them in a hole, pot and all and placed mulch over them since we thought it was too wet and too late to plant them. Today the water is gone from the hole, though the ground is still saturated. I am wondering if I should plant them instead of leaving in the pot over the winter. Can you please advise me? I have had a terrible problem with the heavy clay soil and even with some drainage work, I have a lake and many small ones in the back of my yard. Thanks!

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As long as the ground is not frozen and the weather feels o.k. to you they could be planted now.