Amaryllis not producing any blooms

Asked December 7, 2018, 10:29 AM EST

We buy amaryllis plants each in November from commercial outlets like Ace Hardware or Target. Reports from the people that we give them is that most, but not all get blooms. The plants that we've kept for ourselves have not produced any blossoms for about 3 years running. On this year's version, the plant is now about 8" tall: 3 leaves, no blossom. The plant is on a ledge on a ledge next to a window with a western exposure. This is in an apartment that is relatively new and has a good heating system. We keep the temperature at 67 at night and about 72 during the day. Where the plant is ceiling vent pushes warm air down in the direction of the plant when the blower is on. So the question that I have is the quality of these commercially bought plants variable or is the something wrong about our placement of the plant that gives us such bad results? I've attached a picture of the current plant

Olmsted County Minnesota

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I believe the problem is your care of the bulb, not the bulb itself. First of all, get that plastic off. I don't know who told you to do that but that is not good and promotes rot. It also may be planted a bit deep but I cannot tell with the reflection off the plastic. The air from the blower is also bad. Try to find a sunny spot away from that draft. Here is a link to our publication on amaryllis. If the drop down areas have closed, open them up again.