Too cold for my yew in outdoor planter?

Asked December 6, 2018, 8:16 PM EST

Hi - I've never wrapped or brought my yew indoors before, but as I've watched all the needles turn brown over the last cold weeks--in it's new and more exposed location--I'm worried. Should I worry? I think it's a non-native, and from research some time back I guessed it was a Taxus x Media ‘Hicksii’, but I will attach a photo of it (from a few months back when it looked healthy). Thanks for any advice. - Oliver in Portland, (where it's forecasted to drop to 28 degrees Fahrenheit tonight)

Multnomah County Oregon

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Protecting the roots of container plants when it gets below freezing can include a few strategies. Be sure the soil is moist, as water will take longer to freeze than air. Wrap the pot and/or plant if daytime temperatures will remain below freezing, or if you need to protect it from drying winds. Move it to a protected spot when severe weather comes. This can be along a house, or in an unheated space. This article gives more details and information: