My ferret had a semi- seizure

Asked December 5, 2018, 8:24 AM EST

Ok, so to put a long story short I got my 2 boys out last Saturday night for playtime and I left them alone in your bathroom (it's what I normally do when I'm busy doing things throughout the house) and about an hour went by til I came back in to play with them and I find my younger one (hell be 2 in February) sitting on the floor all spread out staring into space and kind of twitching. My first reaction was to pick him up and look at him, he had red eyes and nose and a red anus. He sort of responded but still seemed out of it. I had their treats in the bathroom too because every playtime they get treats, so I wave don't the furovite in front of his nose and he immediately started licking and he snapped out of it. Then I decided to offer him some water, he drank, I gave him a handful of food, he ate. And within 10-15 minutes he wasn't back to his crazy hyper self. It hasn't happened since then and I tested if it WAS his blood sugar and had him fast for 3 hours, it didn't occur. I have an appointment for the 7th to check up on him and make sure nothing's going on, but also my boys have had flu symptoms for about 5 days before the "seizure " happened now my question is... is this insulinoma or the flu?

Wayne County Michigan

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The only way to know what is wrong is to have him checked by his veterinarian.

I hope that you received good news at his appointment and he is on the road to recovery.