Frost bitten Philodendron

Asked December 5, 2018, 8:00 AM EST

I have a philodendron tree that stays outside during the summer months and is brought inside during fall/winter months. This year we were out of town when the temps dropped and the plants are damaged from the cold weather. The plants are inside the home now, but are obviously not doing well. Some of the leaves are a yellow/green color with brown areas on them. What can I do to save them? Should I buy a grown light? Prune? Repot? Fertilize? Thanks in advance for answering my question. Nicole

Pike County Kentucky

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There are multiple kinds of philodendrons. Because of this,I am giving general information on any warm season plant that is left out too long.Anything that is brown and mushy or liquidy needs to be removed. If the tree has any kind of bark on it-- take a sharp knife and cut through the bark to look at immediately under the bark. If it's green underneath, trim well and it should recover. If it's brown underneath cut it back to where it is green underneath the bark. Be sure to sterilize the knife between cuttings with peroxide or a weak clorox solution. Just in case a disease is involved. Unless it got extremely cold and killed the roots, it should recover. Be sure to trim/prune and brown or dead tissue off the plant. Place in a fairly bright situation--(can be near a window or a plant light). Keep an eye on it. Most philodendrons can be trimmed between any joints and will survive. Be sure to keep any dead areas trimmed out. Time and patience, but check regularly for disease/rot.