Azalea bugs?

Asked December 4, 2018, 4:27 PM EST

I have some sick azaleas. Can you tell me how to help them get better? Thank you! ~Dean

Multnomah County Oregon azaleas

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Thanks for your question, Dean. If you have azalea lace bugs, you will typically see chlorosis (yellowing) of the leaves where the insects have sucked out the chlorophyll from under the leaf. You will also find black droppings (insect excrement) on the undersides of the leaves, where eggs are laid and they live their lives until they can fly. I can’t see any sign of chlorosis, and don’t have a photo of the leaf undersides. The leaves don’t appear to have leaf spot, described and pictured here: I’ve compared your plant’s leaves with those in the following comprehensive diagnostic article, and see nothing similar: Is there some symptom that you are seeing that would guide me to a correct diagnosis? Is what appears to be white fuzzy or moldy up close? I’d like to help, but need more information. Thanks!