Best Fruits and Fruit Varieties to Grow in Bend

Asked December 4, 2018, 9:06 AM EST

Hi there, Could you offer some proven winners that have succeeded in Bend's climate/conditions? These could be fruit trees, fruiting vines, hardy plants, or shrubs. Any named varieties that have been particularly successful? Edibility is a big factor (i.e., while many Sorbus sp. are planted here, they appear to be strictly ornamental with awful-tasting fruit). Thank you for any recommendations! Martin

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hello Martin,

Thank you for your question about recommended fruit tree varieties, and other hardy plants or shrubs to grow in Central Oregon. Following is a link to the OSU Deschutes County Extension website, which lists a variety of garden publications. This website links to documents that provide the recommended fruit trees, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and other plants that grow in the Central Oregon climate. You will also find information about soil, planting, irrigating and maintaining your garden. Once you are on the website you can scroll through the topics and publications of interest to you.

Here are two publications you may find of interest:

Recommended fruit tree varieties:

Selecting fruit tree varieties for Central Oregon

Recommended trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, grasses, etc.:

Water-wise Gardening in Central Oregon

If you need additional information, we welcome your home garden questions at the OSU Master Gardener plant clinic. You can call and talk with a Master Gardener or a member of the Horticulture faculty at 541-548-6088. You can also submit questions with photos to the Master Gardener Plant Clinic email: