Need to rid nesting birds from porch

Asked December 3, 2018, 11:28 AM EST

I have small birds making a poop-station of my porch (near entry). I've sprayed area with "Repels All", and my garden hose to no avail. I don't do BB-guns, and would like a kind solution to my problem. I love the winter birds, just not these prolific poopers making a mess of my porch!

Genesee County Michigan

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The only thing that I can think is to install a ceiling in the porch to deny your little bird friends a place to perch. I forwarded your question to our wildlife extension specialist. I will let you know what he has to say.

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My colleague's response:

I don’t know what “Repels All” is, but odor-based repellents don’t work with birds. There are sticky based repellents made to keep pigeons from roosting in open barns, as well as (mechanical) brush-like strips that fasten to the beams for the same purpose. A realistic plastic owl, strategically placed and moved frequently, might help too. And as you suggest, physically covering or obstructing the perching areas would be the most direct approach. A roof over it, or even some temporary cover, perhaps made of burlap or similar material, to dissuade the birds.

Here’s one of several websites that might offer useful strategies: