food-canning/hot water bath

Asked December 2, 2018, 6:51 PM EST

I am baking squash and want to put the required ingredients in canning jars....can I add the eggs and evaporated milk to the jar of squash/spices/sugar ? (or do these ingredients have to be added at the time of baking?) Hot water bath?For how long ?? (preferred method) pressure canner? How long?

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Precooked, pureed or mashed squash or squash-based products (including pumpkin products) cannot be safely canned at home. It results in such a thick product that heat does not transfer through adequately enough to make it safe.

In addition, there are no recommended instructions for any recipes including dairy products or eggs. The high temperatures in home pressure canning would destroy the quality of these ingredients.

The only canning instructions for squash we know are safe are for chunks of squash canned in water, which helps the heat to circulate and penetrate.

The combination you are making looks like it would freeze well. However, you might freeze it without the eggs for best quality.