Is it too late or to early to prune?

Asked November 30, 2018, 2:39 PM EST

Want to know when I should (or already should have) prune back my Hydrangeas, Tower of Jewels, Clematis, Agastache, Blue Moon Wisteria, and how to do so? Also want to know about how to winterize hanging Fuchsias-some of mine came back this past spring, which was exciting. Thank you for your help!

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All of the plants that you asked about require very specific styles of pruning which is not easy to explain in writing a short answer. I would encourage you to go online where you can look at illustrations and pictures to accompany the description. It is really important to know what group type the clematis is to know how to prune it properly. Some types require very little pruning back while others encourage pruning back to about two feet above the ground. Hydrangeas also depend on the variety and type. Wisteria pruning is rather complicated to get the best re-bloom to occur. I would suggest that you stop in on any Monday in December or January at the Extension office Master Gardener clinic to discuss this topic. They are open from 1pm-4pm on Mondays only this time of year. Our office is in the church annex next to the Douglas County Courthouse just off of Douglas and Fowler St.

The best time to do this type of pruning is in January or February after the worst of winter cold has passed.

Winterizing fuchsias isn't too difficult. You just put plants in a barn or garage that doesn't freeze. Prune them back only after winter is about finished. Keep the soil barely moist, not too wet or the roots will rot. Once spring arrives you may want to repot the plant if the plant is root bound. Then prune back to a nice shape where the branches are only about 8-10 inches long but well separated.