My house has some mice in it. Is this dangerous? how to take care of this?

Asked November 29, 2018, 12:54 PM EST

My house has gone from no evidence of mice to catching 4 in 3 days. I've gotten an estimate of $5000.00 to reduce the problem. Is it necessary to get rid of old attic insulation and replace it? Can't the mice use the new insulation as well? Can a cat take care of the mice? Is it necessary to have someone come to the house every two months and reset traps? What can the home owner do his self to ameliorate the problem? This is a new problem that seems to have just begun.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Most homeowners are able to easily take care of mice by themselves. Mice commonly move into homes in the fall, because it's getting cold outside!
Yes, mice can make nests in just about anything soft and gnawable. Obviously they are drawn to areas where crumbs and food are available (such as under the kitchen stove or in the pantry) and where they won't be disturbed (such as that box of ornaments you only get out once a year or accumulated stuff in basements.)
Here's help:

If you don't want to handle dead mice, get the kind of trap that is like a big clip--you just open the "clip" and the mouse can fall out into the trash.

Do not use sticky traps--they are cruel and also a mess.

Not all cats are good mousers. In fact, probably most cats are not. So don't get a cat counting on that talent.