What kind of clear work eats wood and clothes.

Asked November 29, 2018, 11:27 AM EST

What kinda of work start out small, and hitch a ride on a blade of grass or anything that will probably get them into the house. They are clear until they eat wood or just about any material. They want to be near moisture, they even penetrated my refrigerator. When they get on cloth they eat it and as it passes through their body, they then become the same color as the material they're eating, they will get on a thread of material and wrap themselves around it. They build nest in the walls that are a cream color and are usually on the knot in the wood. I have had two different companies to come and inspect my house and they say they see nothing that they can help me with. Please give me some kind of information. Some of the wood in my house is untreated and it's not painted, a gift from my ex-husband. I'm beside myself trying to beat this thing and it seems that only Clorox is the only thing that kills them and their nest. They have also eating sheetrock.

Meigs County Tennessee

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You said you have seen them and you have also seen their nests. So, please take a few good close-up pictures with your smart phone or camera and email them to
I would be happy to view the pictures and see if I can identify them.