Brown Tips

Asked November 29, 2018, 10:59 AM EST

The tips of the leaves on my houseplants often turn brown. What might be the cause and how can I remedy this?

Baltimore County Maryland

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There are several possibilities. If this occurs in the fall after you have taken the plants in for the winter, it is likely as adjustment issue. Try to mimic outdoor conditions for light as much as possible, water less (plants use less water in the winter because they are not actively growing), and bring them in when outdoor air temps are similar to indoor temps.

-Over fertilizing (Fertilizer salts burn roots. This is particularly common on peace lily.)
-Soft water (Water softener salts can burn roots, too. Esp. peace lily.)
-Location too cold (so water doesn't get to leaf tips)
-Under-watering (though over-watering is the most common cause of houseplant death, it is still possible to under-water)