Chondrite Meteorite

Asked November 27, 2018, 4:06 PM EST

Found this rock while constructing a building this summer. Tried to identify it using online resources and seems to bear the characteristics of an L1-L5 Chondrite meteorite.
1) The rock is very blackened or charred in appearance.
2) The "heft" of this rock seems uunusually heavy for a rock of this size.
3) The rock has an effect on stronger magnets, but not as powerful as a piece of iron would have.
4) A window was cut using a diamond wet saw. Observed was a fused crust along the edges: examination of interior with a loupe presented small metallic flakes as well as round nodules of metal. No air holes are observed anywhere on the rock.
5) the surface appears pitted and small rusty pores are present over the surface.

Am fully aware that only a very small percentage of found rocks actually turn out to be meteorites, so I have taken a sceptical approach to it being an actual meteorite, but my limited experience and resources in this analysis have led to where I can only conclude that there's no reason that it is NOT a meteorite, based solely on my observations.
Please have a look at the photos attached and let me know your opinion.

Thank you for your help.

William Fragel


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MSU Extension does not have experts on meteorites. I did find a great site from the University of Minnesota that gets into meteorite identification and steps to take for identification through their faculty. Please visit the following site: