Fall evergreen tree allergies

Asked November 26, 2018, 5:55 PM EST

I have been a resident of Corvallis for 25 years and have long suspected that I am allergic to something (mold? pollen? both?) having to do with evergreen trees. The allergy generally manifests most severely in the fall, and this October and November have been far worse for me than has ever been the case. Is there any reason to believe that the hot, dry summers and falls with relatively late/little rainfall that we've experienced the past couple of years are contributing to higher levels of fall allergens that could be sourced to evergreen trees? Or other types of trees?

Benton County Oregon

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Hi there,

I know how frustrating allergies can be, as I just happen to be a forester who is allergic to tree and grass pollen!

In the Fall we get a combination of certain grasses, ragweed (and rabbitbrush over here in Central Oregon), and the emergence of mold spores.

I wonder if rather than an overall increase in pollen amounts, the issue is that the longer allergy season means that you are becoming more sensitive throughout the allergy season, peaking in the Fall. Without a good rain all the dust, grass, and ragweed pollen keeps flying around in the air. You can keep track of pollen counts and see if you find a correlation between high counts and how you feel: http://pollen.aaaai.org/nab/index.cfm?p=allergenreport&stationid=1

Also, please make sure to work with a medical professional to come up with a good plan so you can get ahead of the Fall pollen irritants.

Best of luck, Nicole