Refrigerating fruit pies

Asked November 26, 2018, 2:38 PM EST

We wound up with a plethora of pies at Thanksgiving, so we set aside the one store-bought pie (Gateway Market's apple pie) and tucked into the homemade pies, with the intention of starting on the apple pie later in the weekend. Well, Thanksgiving leftovers, it turns out, also include desserts, so we were working on the other desserts Friday through Sunday. Now, all that's left is the Gateway apple pie. We never even lifted the see-through plastic domed lid off of the pie tray, but just put the whole kit and caboodle in the refrigerator. So, the apple pie has been refrigerated for five days now. Will it be OK to eat (after it comes to room temperature)? Thanks!

Dallas County Iowa

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It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here is a link to Still Tasty about apple pie:

As you can see, it is recommended you eat the apple pie within 4-5 days even though it has been refrigerated.