Shrooms Galore!!

Asked November 25, 2018, 6:55 AM EST

During the summer months i noted several varieties of mushrooms in my yard. With colder weather ( also alot of rainy days) i have noted 1 type of mushroom in extreme #'s, also a odd type of on stumps,,also on old fallen branches. My yard is now buried under leaves, hiding the shroom magnitude. My yard backs woods.. I have mostly native plants. Should i be concerned? Oh i have 2 cats who Love their outside time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..ty

Baltimore County Maryland

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Thank you for your question. Your question was referred to us here in Oregon and, while we are delighted to help, your own county Extension office might be of more assistance, just because they are familiar with the fungi and mushrooms of your region.

In general, mushrooms are not harmful in the home garden. A mushroom above a surface is evidence of a fungus growing under the surface. They may be growing on a rotting root, a woody plant such as a tree which has dead fibrous material, or on the underside of a rotting branch. The mushroom is to the fungus what the flower is to our plants: spores ~ seeds. Here is an OSU Extension article on the topic, generally:

And here are some Maryland Extension articles on the topic:

If you have further questions, or want the mushrooms/fungi identified, I suggest you contact your county Extension office here:
Good luck!