Clean up after mice

Asked November 24, 2018, 4:44 PM EST

A couple of days ago I suddenly discovered the presence of mice. The pest control man is taking care of that end of it, but I would like advice as to the best way to clean up after they are gone and what I should be doing now.

Emmet County Michigan

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The clean up if the obvious material, such as the mouse droppings and left over foods (seeds, nuts, etc. depending on what they were living on) is as simple as vacuuming up what you can get to with a strong vacuum; a good "crevice" tool attachment is very handy for this. The hard part can sometimes be almost impossible- finding any food items that were actually stored away by the mice. Small quantities could be stashed anywhere in the house, including inside wall voids. One can never expect to find all of the places; therefore it is very important to do three things. One, do your best to determine where the mice entered the structure and seal up these openings so no further mice can get in and pick up where the former mice left off. Two, continue to place traps for mice for some time to come. Three, be very watchful for some types of insects that like to feed on the same foods. Indian meal moths will often find the stored foods left behind by mice. Noticing these, and where they are being seen, may help you locate the little food stores made by the mice. See for more information on the moth.

I just finished (I hope) dealing with a mouse infestation at my house. It had been years since I had any (that I knew of) and I ended up trapping seven-- the cat got the eighth. I'm now doing just what I suggested to you.