Pachira Tree oozing sap, brown spots and brown cluster growth on stems?

Asked November 22, 2018, 11:54 AM EST

I have two trees that were next to each other by a window, kept indoors. They have both started oozing a lot of sap on leaves and stems. The leaves are developing a lot of brown spots. At the base of the stems, brown clusters are developing. The clusters are hard. When I broke one off, it was just a very hard clump. Underneath, the stem was cracked open, dry and brown.

Montgomery County Maryland

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The yellowing of the leaves may be due to lack of light, too much water, etc. Some tropical houseplants have glands that exude sap. The brown hard ares looks like a type of wounding on the stems. Sap is coming out and hardening but we do not know what is causing it.
Focus on proper care. Below are links on care of the money tree