Persimmon tree

Asked November 21, 2018, 1:49 PM EST

I want to transplant a persimmon tree. Are there special special needs for the move to be successful?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Not really, however it will depend on the size of the tree. It's best to do this when the tree is dormant (like now) and the rule of thumb is to have a root ball that is 6" in radius for each inch of trunk diameter. If your tree has a 3" diameter trunk, you will need to dig 18" from the trunk for your root ball.

For the new hole, you will want to make sure it's bigger than the diameter by an additional 6" in radius (that would be a foot in diameter.) The tree should be planted at the same depth or a little higher (not more than an inch) so a wider, shallow hole is better.

When you dig up the tree, you may need to cut some of the roots. It's better to make a clean cut and to remove any broken roots.

Once transplanted, you should care for the tree as if it's newly planted. It will need supplemental water during the first two years to ensure it's well-established. OSU Extension has this article with detailed information on caring for a newly planted tree. good luck.