Is this a Recluse?

Asked November 20, 2018, 9:40 PM EST

Found this in my bedroom this evening after getting home from work. It appears, to me, to be a Brown Recluse, but I have a friend in pest control who says no. I cannot find another spider that looks like this in the Missouri Conservation site.

St. Charles County Missouri

1 Response

There are many more spiders in Missouri than the Mo Dept of Conservation can put on their website. Here is a bit more information on Missouri Spiders, this guide has more pictures and discussion on controls.

Yes, the general appearance is similar to the brown recluse. Getting a good identification of the spider requires a description of eye arrangement and mouth parts. The legs look a little too robust for brown recluse. But, there appears to be a fiddle marking on the back that seems to indicate that it may be a brown recluse. See, Seldom do we see the brown recluse out in the open.

So, I am undecided. If you still have the spider, you may take it to the St Charles County office for a better ID. Justin Keay is our new Horticulture Specialist in that office and he can help you take a closer look.