Asked November 19, 2018, 3:36 PM EST

We have had a terrible problem with grubs and have even had to replace some sod. We started treating with milky spore the summer before last and switched to Grubx this past summer. What is the best time in the Parkville area to put down Grubx this coming year? We really want to stop this infestation! Thanks!

Baltimore County Maryland

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The time to apply Grubex is spring through summer. Best control is listed as the June/July time period.
Are you sure that your problem is grubs? People often think that is their problem when damage can be attributed to other issues.
(Turf-type tall fescue, the recommended grass for our area isn't terribly affected by grubs. Likewise, some weeds that brown/die early and can be easily pulled/rolled could be possible.) The best way to tell if they are a problem is to dig up a square foot of lawn area and count the grubs found.
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If you would like to send us questions and photos during the growing season, please do, and we'll be happy to take a look.


Yes, we are sure. We’ve peeled back the turf and seen their huge presence. The timing of application is important, because it has to go down at the right part of the life cycle of the grubs to be effective. Since Scott's products are distributed over a wide area, we were hoping you could give us a good target time for Baltimore County. We don’t want to mis-apply and lose another growing season. Thank you.

The active ingredient in Grubex has changed within the last five years, and that ingredient chlorantraniliprole (a.k.a. Accelepryn) has a longer application interval, than Grubex of the past.
As we said above, June and July, as well as the beginning of August provide a greater than 99% level of control- "excellent".
April, May and September are rated as 70-99% "good".


Thank you!