Fungas Gnats in Indoor Lemon Trees

Asked November 16, 2018, 7:04 AM EST

Good Morning,

I have been growing 6 small lemon trees for almost a year now. Twice now we have had an infestation of fungas gnats on all of the lemon trees.The first time we replaced the soil. I've read that it's due to over watering, but our plants don't seem to be over watered. Whenever we go to water them the top soil is dry and it has begun to separate from the edge of the pot.

New York

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Thank you for your question. Have you tried using a probe that tells you whether the soil is wet or dry? You can get one for under $5, and it saves guessing about whether plants need watering or not. Here is an Extension article about fungus gnat control that may be helpful:

Good luck!