Habanero Peach Jam/cottage food law

Asked November 14, 2018, 8:26 PM EST

Is it possible to sell habanero /peach jam under the cottage food law if the product has been tested and has a safe PH level. Can MSU provide a safe recipe for pepper/fruit jams that the health dept. would allow these products sold under the cottage food laws?

Butler County Ohio cottage food law

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I am not sure about the cottage food law in Ohio. You would have to check with your local health department or department of agriculture officials to find out about the law in Ohio.

In Michigan, vegetable jellies/jam are not allowed due to the increased risk of botulism in these products. Michigan Department of Agriculture regulates Cottage Food businesses. You can check the frequently asked questions about the Michigan Cottage Food Law on the internet where they specifically state the information I gave you about hot pepper jelly. Do a search for Michigan Cottage Food Law Frequently Asked Questions and you will find the information. I do not believe that even if you had a tested product or MSU provided a safe recipe, that they would allow the product to be sold under the Michigan Cottage Food Law. You can check with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for further information.