Why is Central Point's Extension Service a cut above the rest?

Asked November 14, 2018, 7:52 PM EST

Why does Central Point offer so many more classes than other extension services in OR? There are more choices, more interesting and appear to be a bit more sophisticated offerings. I don't live close enough to travel to Central Point and am perplexed as to why other OR service areas don't do as superb a job as you do. Thanks

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

Thanks for noticing SOREC's classes. Which topics and/or program areas are you referring too specifically? There are programs across the state that offer different types of programming based up local community needs assessments. I'm wondering if you may not be seeing the dynamic programming in your area based upon the different types of media presence and outreach being done. Also, I do have a little insight that some of the programming being done at SOREC is based on grant funding and pilot projects that haven't expanded to other areas. We are so curious to learn what programming you are seeing that we can share with the local (washington) region.