Summer pruning in northern highbush blueberries

Asked November 14, 2018, 8:05 AM EST

Hi Just wondering if there are any research carried out on pruning norther highbush blueberries in summer.What are the benefits and negatives. How is it affect flower initiation in the shoots. Timings?We based in Uk Many thanks

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Sorry for the delay in replying but I figured you didn't need to know about summer pruning in the fall.
I could only find one reference to summer pruning Northern Highbush.
Vigorous shoots were cut back (20-30cm) at monthly intervals from Dec 15 to March 15 (Southern Hemisphere for us June 15 to Sept 15). Elliott was compared to two Southern Highbush Star and O'Neal. The results for Southern highbush were encouraging but not Elliott.
In Elliott, the June 15 date had more laterals but not increased fruit buds. Later pruning did not result in more laterals. Fruit size was larger and harvest was delayed about 7 days.
Truthfully due to the short growing period of Northern highbush I don't see any reason to summer prune