Asked November 13, 2018, 4:40 PM EST

Hi. I purchased some False Hollies (Goshiki Osmanthus) that are sold as Christmas plants by Lowes and Home Depot. After the holidays, I would like to have these things grow into shrubs in the ground. My question is what to do with them and when. Is the ground too cold to plant them in December or early January? If I leave them in their pots, how should I protect the pots?

Montgomery County Maryland

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If you are going to bring this plant indoors for the Christmas holidays, then bring in at the last minute. This is a woody plant and can only tolerate being indoors for 2-3 days at the most.

Now keep the plant outdoors and make sure it does not dry out. You can dig a hole now and plant after the holidays in its permanent location. Container plants can be planted up until the ground freezes. If you do not have a permanent location, you can dig a hole and place the container and plant in the hole. This is called heeling in. Spread mulch around the soil no thicker than several inches. You can lift and plant in its permanent location in the spring.
Here is our website and video on the planting process
See more information on Goshiki. See page 9