when to plant

Asked November 13, 2018, 2:52 PM EST

I just bought a potted spruce tree for a table top Christmas tree. When should I plant it and what care should I give it over the winter to keep it alive, especially if I have to keep it indoors?

Ingham County Michigan

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The link below will tell you how to care for your living Christmas tree. A couple of important tips that are mentioned: (1) Plan to leave your tree indoors no more than two weeks; (2) Keep the potted tree in a cool area of your home and water it as you would a houseplant; and (3) Overwintering the potted tree in an unheated garage or shed is preferable to planting it outdoors after Christmas due to our cold winters. You will, of course, need to water it periodically. At the bottom of the document below, there are other links you can look at for additional information.