Wondering rose bush starts

Asked November 13, 2018, 11:35 AM EST

I have a favorite rosebush dying so am starting a new one from healthy twigs from bush. But now it's winter. How do I keep them healthy till summer again. They are growing ting leaves but just beginning and don't want them to die.


Clackamas County Oregon

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Propagating roses from cuttings, or 'slips' is commonly done. Challenges include getting the tiny starts through the winter. You'll need to keep them protected from freezing, though a light frost won't hurt. Do you have a protected spot on a porch where you can be sure they have water and can bring them in if a freeze is predicted?
Delaying planting them out is also suggested, so if they are in good pots, watch carefully next summer and get them moved to the garden next fall.
Another issue is that if your original rose was a grafted variety, your new plant will be on its "own roots". Some roses do not grow vigorously or well on their own roots, but I've had some live a long time.
This publication about rose propagation is from Texas rather than Oregon. The advice is generally the same for our region, so I offer it for additional details.
"Rose Propagation From Cuttings By Dr. William C. Welch" https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/southerngarden/roseprop.html