Repairing Hostas and Fall Grape Treatment

Asked November 13, 2018, 11:07 AM EST

1. I have a large hosta that was chomped on by deer. What should I do to bring it back to the best possible condition/shape? 2 . I have a small grape arbor that I haven't done anything with since some pruning in mid-summer because it was so overgrown. Is there anything I should do at this time of year? Prune? Fertilize? Or just wait until spring. Thank you Gaithersburg 20878

Montgomery County Maryland

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There is nothing you can do at this point for the hosta. You will have to wait until next spring and monitor for new growth. Hostas are a favorite deer food. If the plant emerges in the spring, you should consider protection. Cover with deer netting or use deer repellents.
Here is our publication on deer resistant ornamentals

Grapes - If the plants produced fruit, clean up and remove any dead fruit on the vines or on the ground. Practice good sanitation.
Pruning should be done in the spring around March.
If you have not had your soil tested, results will give pH and nutrient deficiencies. You can do this now. Fertilizer is applied in the spring.
See our website on soil testing and grape information
including care, pruning, problems, etc.