Mushrooms that grow under white pine trees

Asked November 13, 2018, 11:05 AM EST

We have thousands and thousands of these mushrooms that grow under our white pine trees every year. I think they are edible and are called Russula. I tried a small piece and it seems ok but before I give to my family I would like to make sure. Would you have any idea about this mushroom. The cap is a light brownish leathery look to it and the gills are a white to very light tan with no veil the mushroom when squeezed falls apart in pieces.

Shiawassee County Michigan

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Thank you for submitting a question through Ask an Expert! Unfortunately we are unable to answer questions relating to mushrooms. We do have the following resource which may be helpful: Identifying Mushrooms: There is more to it than you might realize. For other gardening related questions please visit: Gardening in Michigan or search through a variety of articles on the MSU Extension website.

Given the large number of different types, along with so many that look alike, and the varying toxicity of mushrooms it simply prevents us from commenting on identification and whether they are edible. Getting it wrong could have extremely serious consequences.

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