Meyer Lemon Tree problem

Asked November 13, 2018, 7:54 AM EST

My friend has a Meyer Lemon Tree in a pot. He puts it outside in the summer, and inside in the winter. He's had it a couple of years I think. This Fall, when he brought it in, he noticed this mottling/holes on the leaves. Please advise. Thank you.

Howard County Maryland

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Citrus fruits are heavy feeders and your friend's plant looks hungry. We think this is the reason for the yellowing of the leaves.
During active growth, it should get a high potash (K)/ tomato-type fertilizer every two weeks. Given all the rain we had much nutrition can be washed away.
We would go ahead and give it a dose right now, but if light is poor for the winter, stop and continue in the spring.

Tell him to keep an eye out for red spider mites and scale insects which these are prone to, especially as the humidity is low in our heated homes in the winter.
He could increase humidity by standing the plant on a tray/saucer of damp pebbles and mist spraying it a bit.