Nutria in the Garden

Asked November 12, 2018, 5:35 PM EST

How can I get rid of a family of Nutria living under my house and eating/destroying my garden. They need to go Help

Linn County Oregon

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I have not previously heard of nutria living under houses or in crawl spaces. Nutria are a non-native, introduced, and invasive species. Therefore, lethal (killing) control is the best initial move. Because of their size and the types of traps needed, and restrictions on use of firearms within incorporated areas (not sure if this applies to your site), many folks engage a Wildlife Control Operator (see list here
However, simply removing the current animals will be a temporary fix, because neighboring animals will soon discover the opportunity to forage in your yard. Depending on the configuration of your property and existing fences, etc., you'll want to consider whether you can erect a reasonably-priced fence that would keep them out in the future. Low fences (3-4 ft), with a metal (welded wire, not chicken wire) "apron" extending below the surface and out (toward where you want to keep the nutria) from your property can help. Other folks use low-set (6" and 12") single electric ribbon fencing to keep them out, although there's a risk that the animals might dig under. Another potential option could be the electric mesh fencing that some are using to contain and protect urban chicken flocks, etc.