Tree Identification Question

Asked November 12, 2018, 2:00 PM EST

Good Morning. I am trying to identify a conifer type tree in my Ashland, Oregon home. Can you let me know what tree this is and whether I can plant other shade loving plants such as ferns beneath it. I have not tested the soil but I assume the tree would gradually acidity the soil. Is that typically the case? Any other helpful resources or feedback regarding planting near this tree?

Jackson County Oregon tree identification

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Thanks for your question. Your tree is a cypress, possibly in the juniper genus. (I'm still working to find the exact genus.) I can find no research to indicate that the chemicals in this species are harmful to other plants (such as those found in walnut trees.) The major inhibitor of understory plants would be root crowding and little sun (although I cannot tell from your photos where the foliage begins above ground.)

Nor can I find any information that these trees acidify the soil, in the way that fir and pines do. The important thing not to do is plant any susceptible apple (Malus) trees near these trees, lest you provide a habitat for cedar-apple rust, described here:

I hope this is helpful. I'll get back to you once I have a firm Latin name for the tree.

Are you able to take a photo of the bark on the tree trunk, as well as a photo of the entire tree (including the very top)? Thanks!

Here is a picture of the bark and a picture of the entire tree (with most of the top). Is that helpful?

They are, indeed! I don't believe it is a juniper, but it is a cypress. Its cones appear to be those of an Arizona cypress, described here:

You can see how the cones on a known one of this are rather distinct in the photo I've attached. I hope this is helpful.